Meet Bruce! He is a striking one-and-a-half-year-old silver Labrador retriever with a beautiful soft coat and lovely yellow eyes.

Bruce was surrendered to WCLRR when his owner moved into a small home and had to work two jobs, and could no longer provide the attention and space that Bruce deserved.

Bruce is a gentle, low-energy boy. He tends to be a little shy at first but warms up quickly to dogs and people in the home. To show his trust, Bruce will sit in front of his person, place his paw in their lap or hand, and sit there “holding” their hand.

Bruce lives with two foster lab brothers (ages three and six). He follows their examples and is learning dog cues from them. He feels safe and comfortable being left home alone with them.

Bruce likes to play fetch and takes his turn well with his foster brothers. He has also started to enjoy a little tug-o-war with one of his foster brothers. He enjoys chewing on water buffalo horns and Nylabones but isn’t interested in stuffed toys.

Bruce is very well-behaved in the home. He sits and waits patiently for his meals. He knows “sit,” “down,” and “come.” He backs up on command and “settles” quickly when asked. When he is excited, he will sit when asked, then waits for some pats, rubs, and scratches.

Bruce is housetrained, but his new family should take him outside frequently until he gets used to his new home.

Bruce is crate-trained and does well when crated at night. He will patiently wait to be let out without whining or barking. However, he does not like being left alone in the crate during the day and has broken out of it. Bruce is fine when left in the house with his foster siblings.

Bruce lived a sheltered life before coming to WCLRR. When he arrived at his foster home, he barked at almost everything new to him. But over time, Bruce has become comfortable and more confident in his surroundings and has settled down nicely. He will alert to new noises, commotion, people, or dogs but quickly comes when called and calms down when reassured that everything is okay.

Bruce’s ideal home would be with an individual, couple, or family where someone is home most of the day and will work with him to gradually expose him to new situations and help him build his confidence. Bruce’s easy-going temperament and lower energy level make him most suitable for a quiet home.

Bruce would enjoy having a dog sibling to learn from and for companionship, especially while their people are out during the day. Bruce is a loving boy that is devoted to his people and loves to be close to them. He needs a family that will love him and gives him the confidence to be comfortable in new places and situations.

Bruce is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped.