Meet Cooper! He is a handsome six-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever with lovely gold highlights in his fur and a beautiful fluffy tail! He has a sweet, gentle face with kind and trusting eyes. Cooper surrendered to WCLRR when his family moved and could not take him with them.

Cooper is a low-to-medium-activity dog who is happiest and most comfortable in his home with his people. He doesn’t “ask” for playtime or walks but is delighted to participate if offered.

Cooper enjoys all kinds of toys and will play with chew toys throughout the day. He will play “keep away” with his three-year-old foster brother and has started to enjoy a short game of fetch.

Cooper is great with people and other dogs once he gets to know them. However, he can be a little nervous in new surroundings. Cooper’s foster says he has blossomed since coming in to foster and behaves beautifully with his foster lab siblings, aged three and seven. He is learning how to play in the yard with the other dogs, running and playing fetch, and enjoying life! He likes to chew toys, which help him when anxious or excited. For example, he will dismantle a plush toy with a squeaker in one sitting, carefully removing the squeaker and playing with what’s left!

Cooper enjoys his humans so much he will follow his foster mom around the house even when she is vacuuming!

Cooper knows basic commands and is house-trained. He loves to greet people and is not a jumper. Cooper behaves pretty well on a leash. His new family may want to work with him to reinforce the commands he knows and work with him to improve leash skills.

Cooper sleeps quietly in a dog bed in his foster’s bedroom. He waits for his people to get up in the morning and is ready to start his day!

Cooper can be a barker when he is excited or nervous. He will also bark if he hears something new or strange outside. When Cooper moves into his new home, he will probably bark for a few days as he settles in and learns about the new sights and sounds. The barking should subside over time as he becomes accustomed to new sounds.

Cooper’s ideal home would be with an individual, couple, or family where someone is home most of the time. Cooper can be overwhelmed with noise and would do best in a house with a low to moderate activity level. He loves spending time with other dogs and would enjoy having a furry sibling for company, especially when his people need to be away.

Cooper is curious about small animals. He may be fine in a home with cats and other small pets if given a proper introduction. However, his new family should monitor the pets to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Cooper is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.