Meet Charley! She is a calm, gentle five-six-year-old female chocolate Labrador Retriever with a beautiful coat and soft brown eyes. Charley came to WCLRR when her owner suffered an injury and could no longer care for her.

Charley is a low-to-medium-energy dog and is calm and relaxed in the home. Her foster mom says you couldn’t ask for a better house dog! Charley likes to be around her people, and when she wants attention, she will bump her foster’s leg or “pat” it with one of her paws.

Charley’s favorite things to do are sleep and following her person around in case they are going to go into the kitchen for a snack and treat for her! During the day, Charley will nap in different places in her foster home. Charley is not a big fan of being outside except for potty breaks and playing with her foster lab sibling. Charley enjoys a good game of tug-of-war or keep-away and likes to chew on Nylabones but is not very interested in other toys. She also loves playing in the pool.

Charley is friendly but is a little shy and often barks and shies away from people and dogs when first meeting them. She is okay with the other lab in her foster home. However, Charley is living with an indoor cat and ignores him. She will also bark at visitors to the house until she is comfortable with them. Having visitors calmly give Charley treats and giving her a few minutes to get used to them should help with introductions.

Charley knows some basic commands, such as sit as long as a treat is involved. But she takes correction well and has excellent recall.   She will stop whatever she is doing when her foster says “no.” Charley does need some leash training. She is strong and may pull a bit initially but will settle into a nice walk after a few minutes. Since she is shy and uncertain when encountering new dogs, she can be reactive to dogs she sees during walks. Her new family may want to work with a trainer to help Charley be more comfortable when meeting dogs on walks.

Charley is house-trained and crate trained. Her foster mom takes her outside regularly during the day, and Charley has never had an accident in her foster home. She goes into the crate with no problem at night and sleeps quietly until her people get up in the morning. Charley has been in the crate for up to four hours while her foster is at work. Her foster reports that Charley never takes anything off tables or counters, and she doesn’t chew household items.

Charley has spay incontinence, which is common in female dogs after spaying and has to do with her hormones. Sometimes there might be a small amount of dripping on her bedding in the morning. She is on medication for this condition to help stop the leakage. It is a very manageable condition with the medicine.

Charley’s ideal home would be with an individual, couple, or family looking for a calm, sweet companion. A house with a pool would be a plus as she loves to swim and play in the water! She enjoys spending time with her foster sibling but would also be fine as an only dog. She is accustomed to being in a crate for a few hours while her people are at work. She would be fine for a more extended period, but her family should have a dog walker come in during the day to take her out for a potty break and short walk.

Charley is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, and microchipped.

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