From the family of Leo (Jake):

“I am sorry to let you know Jake passed today. He had an eye issue and was being seen for a preop check up. My vet felt a mass in his abdomen, and on X-ray it appeared to be a mass on his spleen and liver which was more than likely cancer. She felt his eye was probably cancerous  as well. Instead of putting him through coming home and going back, I decided to do the kindest thing for him, and we put him down. I was with him and it was gentle and loving. He was a character, but I loved every minute of having him in my life, even when he ate my sock, the dish towel and roll of toilet paper. He was tolerant and kind to all the dogs that came over, loved to eat, loved his daily walks and loved his naps. He was the million dollar dog, for sure.  Thank you for the opportunity to adopt this sweet boy. I’ll miss him💔.”

Meet Leo! He is a male yellow Labrador Retriever approximately eight years old and is a sweet kid. Leo was picked up by animal control while he was wandering the streets. His owner never claimed him.

Leo came to WCLRR extremely thin and in poor condition, with horrible ear infections and covered in doggy warts and lumps. Leo was not neutered, and his skin was a mess.

Leo enjoys walking at a leisurely pace. He likes laying in the sun, then on a lovely cold floor. He is the perfect low energy, sweet couch potato! Leo gets along with dogs and people. He does display a higher prey drive, so we do not believe he would be a candidate to be with a cat.

Leo is very food motivated, and he can set the clock by breakfast and dinner time. He enjoys a varied diet, including apples, blueberries, peas, carrots, and green beans. (He is also known to pursue the kitchen trash and stake out the counters occasionally).

His new family will need to make sure that counters are cleared of all items and food that could harm him. Also, a trash can under the counter or locking device would be required.

Leo has been treated for his ears, neutered, his benign lumps removed, warts removed. He received complete bloodwork, many medicated baths, and all of his vaccines. He is microchipped.