Meet Axel! He is a friendly nine-month-old male silver Labrador Retriever that believes that every person and dog he meets is an opportunity for a new friend! Axel came to WCLRR when his family realized they didn’t have the time to train an energetic puppy.

Axel is a medium-activity dog but still a puppy and needs plenty of mental and physical exercise. He enjoys going to the dog park and loves to chase balls and run. He would be a great hiking or running partner! He also enjoys walks, and his foster ensures he gets at least two 30-60-minute walks each day.

Axel loves bones!! He uses chewing to calm down, so his new family should provide plenty of hard chew toys. His foster describes him as a “total love bug” that loves to snuggle while chewing. He has only chewed toys in his foster home and has not gone after shoes, socks, clothes, or other items.

Axel understands “sit” and is learning “down.” He has not had any leash training, and his new family will need to work with him on that. He has a bit of a prey drive and does try to chase the bunnies and squirrels he sees.

Axel is house-trained and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home. However, his foster takes him outside frequently, and his new family will need to take him out for potty breaks often to reinforce his house training.

Axel sleeps quietly through the night on a dog bed in his foster’s enclosed kitchen and waits patiently for his people to get up in the morning. He also stays in the kitchen when she goes out and has been there for four or five hours daily with no problem.

Axel’s ideal home would be with an active individual, couple, or family that can give him the exercise and training he needs to be his best self. In addition, he would do well in a family with children over the age of eight that can play with him and help teach him manners, and he would probably enjoy having a dog sibling or two for companionship.

Axel does everything with every bit of energy. His new family needs to give him outlets for that energy, whether chasing balls, taking him for a run or a long hike, or teaching him new commands.

Axel is okay on his own for short periods and doesn’t need someone to be home all the time. But he needs someone to take him for a walk or play session before leaving.