Meet Mimi! She is a five-year-old female yellow Labrador Retriever with an infectious smile and beautiful eyes. She came to WCLRR when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Mimi has had a complete medical exam and blood work with good results.

Mimi is smart and knows a lot of commands, including “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” “go out,” and “leave it.” She is learning “heel” and walking nicely on a leash. Her new family can continue to work with her on these skills. She is eager to please, which will help to reinforce her training.

Mimi is a medium-energy dog. She is very affectionate and gets along with everybody. Mimi lives with five other dogs ranging in age from six to twelve years old from a Havanese to a Great Dane. She can be overly enthusiastic about playing with a smaller dog, and she is a bit intimidated by the Great Dane but is determined to make friends with him! Mimi immediately formed friendships with the other dogs in the home. She has shown no aggression or resource guarding.

Mimi loves to be with her people and will sit next to them and then wrap her front paws around their legs! She enjoys playing with Kongs and squeaky toys and often will carry a toy with her. She is also a big fan of playing fetch!

Mimi behaves well in her foster home. She ignores trash, shoes, clothes, and other items left within her reach. However, she barks if she hears someone approach the house. Mimi is house-trained. She sleeps quietly through the night on a dog bed in her foster’s bedroom and gets up with her people.

Mimi’s ideal home is an active individual, couple, or family with a secure yard and someone that is home most of the time that will play with her and work on training. She loves to be with her people, joining them on errands and longer trips. Mimi will do well in a home with one or more dogs. She tends to bark when left alone but settles down if another dog is with her for company.

Mimi is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, and microchipped.

ATTENTION! FOSTERS NEEDED! WCLRR is in dire need of foster families. If we cannot get more volunteers to foster for WCLRR, we will have no choice but to stop taking in dogs! Please contact or visit our VOLUNTEER page to fill out an application.