From the family of Boone Dog:

“Just wanted to let you know that we had to say goodbye to our Boone Dog today. You may remember, we picked him up from your house on a rainy Thanksgiving day 2 short years ago. At the time, the end of his tail had recently been amputated from happy tail syndrome and he had a drain in his ear from a bad infection, but he was one tough doggie and healed up well.” 
“Recently he’s been suffering from vestibular issues (among other things). Finally, he completely lost mobility and the prognosis wasn’t good. We made the heartbreaking decision to let him go today. He was the most loyal buddy these past couple of years. So easy-going and happy. He followed me everywhere for as long as his arthritic hips would allow. He was loved to the end by our family and we are so grateful for the time we had with him. Thank you, WCLRR for allowing our family to grow by one good Boone Dog. He’ll always be in our hearts.”

Meet Boone! He is sweet and handsome. Boone is approx eight years old and would love a new home. He came to us dirty and needed a brushing, so his foster took him straight to the groomers for a nice bath and a long brushing. His fur was extremely sunburnt and dull from being kept outside for apparently most of his life. Now Boone’s coat is going to shine!

Boone loves being with people, and he would love to have a family that includes him in their daily activities. He would like to go on errands and does excellent in the car.

Boone would like a family that would be home most of the time with another canine to be around. But mostly, he loves people. He has not been exercised much in his life. Since being in his foster home, he is active, climbing stairs and taking long daily walks. He loves being out and about!

Boone is not destructive or food or toy possessive and takes treats gently. He has visited our vet and had bloodwork, urine analysis, senior panel, ear cleaning, and overall completed exam.

Boone is ready for his forever home. He is neutered, up to date on his shots and microchipped.