RIP beautiful boy Max. He was a twelve-year-old Labrador Retriever who deserved better than what he was given in life and the people he called his family.

A good samaritan contacted WCLRR and told us of Max’s plight of being abandoned by the tenants at a rental property. The President of WCLRR went to where Max was “living” to try and make sense of Max’s situation and get him to our rescue.

He transported Max to our veterinarian, who evaluated him right away. He had tumors on various parts of his body, open wounds, possible cancer of his rectal area, and a severe bloating of his belly (signs of kidney/liver distress or failure.) His ears were caked with infections and fly strikes. His old eyes were blind, and his rear legs gave out after only a few feet of hobbling. His nails were long and affected the little walking he would do. He was constantly panting, and it was visible that he was in extreme discomfort. Almost every square inch of his old body had some ailment.

Our President decided on the advice of our vet (who rarely ever makes this recommendation), that it was time for Max to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He was tired, and his ravaged body had been through too much. So, while gently caressed and petted by our President and a veterinary technician (also a WCLRR adopter), we let Max peacefully slip away.

Max’s tired body was cremated at the request of our President (no rescue funds were involved) so that he may spread his ashes in a beautiful, calm, and quiet place so Max’s spirit may rest in peace. He might not have ever known human kindness or love in his life, except for the last two hours of it. Now, however, he can spend an eternity of love and joy watching wonderful families walking and playing with their cherished canine “kids.”

Rest in Peace, Max.