Meet Lester! He is a Labrador Retriever mix and came to WCLRR when VCAS asked us to rescue this boy. Lester appeared to have been tied to something. He had marks of a collar that was too tight around his neck. Lester was neglected, in horrible condition, and extremely underweight.

Lester is a one-of-a-kind dog. He will steal your heart the minute you look into his eyes. There is something in the way Lester looks at you that you’ll know you will be friends for life. He is about eight-years-old, so he is well past the puppy stage of running around the backyard and getting into mischief.

Lester has been resting and recovering at his wonderful foster home, learning what it’s like to be a loved and a cherished pup, which is obvious he was never treated like in his previous life. One of Lester’s favorite activities is sleeping on a big soft dog bed or the couch if you let him.

The other and probably top of the list is when Lester gets to go on a walk. He will walk as fast or as slow as his human wants to go and is excellent on a leash. The other plus is he does not react to other dogs or people when he is out for his walk. There is the look of interest, but that’s all you will get.

Lester is excellent in the car, but his tummy disagrees from time to time. We don’t know if this is being nervous, and he will get over it in time. Lester eats well but sometimes likes to break his two meals a day into four smaller meals. He is currently on liver supplements that he takes like a champ if it is slipped into a turkey meat slice.

Lester is living in a home with several small dogs and a cat. All get along great, and even the smallest of his buddies will sleep with him on his bed. Lester has also had several young children in the home, and he’s very gentle around them.

Lester’s future home will need to be patient and provide him with love. In time Lester has been warming up to his foster family. He is a low key, low maintenance, easy-going kind of pup.

Lester is up to date on all of his vaccines, microchipped, and had completed blood panels done and examined by our vets. Lester was neutered recently.