Meet Nikki! She is a gentle, loving, beautiful female Golden Retriever, approximately six-years-old. Nikki is a dream dog. According to her foster family, she’ll be able to fit in about anywhere and in any environment.

Nikki was surrendered to WCLRR because her family decided Nikki wasn’t getting the attention she deserved with their busy lifestyle. Nikki is a doll, and they knew she would be happier with a family that would give her the attention she deserved.

Nikki is easy going and goes along with any situation. Her foster family (who have fostered close to 100 dogs) says she is the best and easiest foster dog they have had the joy of fostering.

Nikki takes treats gently and has a soft mouth. She loves belly, rubs, and cuddling. Nikki loves being allowed on the couch to sleep, and hopefully, her new home will be ok with that. Nikki is perfect in the car and would like to be her new family’s errand partner. She is so relaxed and calm that she fits in everywhere.

Nikki is not a barker; her foster family says the only time she barked was when the other dog in the house was barking. Nikki has not discovered the soft plushy dog toys but loves chewing a Nylabone or other healthy, safe bone. Nikki was well behaved when she received her bath and enjoyed brushing. She has long hair, so her new family will need to have her groomed to keep it from matting and continue looking beautiful.

Nikki sleeps throughout the night on a dog bed next to her foster mom, and she is completely housebroken. Her new family needs to work with her on learning her cues for needing to be let outside. Every new dog could have an accident in the house while their family understands their schedule and habits.

Nikki knows a few commands, such as sit; she is a good listener, so teaching new basic commands should be easy. Nikki also walks well on a leash and enjoys her walks in the neighborhood. When Nikki first came to her fosters home, she was a little reserved and shy; it took her a few days to a week to feel comfortable and show her sweet disposition.

When Nikki arrived at the foster’s, we noticed some redness around her nose. We had our veterinarian thoroughly check her and determined it was a sunburn. She suggested that her new family use some safe dog sunscreen on her nose if she is outside for any length of time to prevent her nose from getting sun-damaged.

Nikki would love a family that gives her the attention she deserves and doesn’t leave her alone for extended lengths of time. If there is another easy-going canine in the home, that would additionally be nice; however, we believe Nikki would be fine as the one and only dog in the house.

Nikki is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, microchipped, and had a complete blood panel done.


COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.