Meet Cash! Age is just a number, and like a fine wine, some labs get better with time!!  We think he’s about ten to eleven years old, but he can play and interact with his foster family like he’s 7!

Cash is a sweet, loving, cuddly teddy bear who only aims to please. He is happy to play ball, walk, or lay down with you to watch TV. He is gentle, understands commands, and learns quickly. He is excellent on a leash and in public. He is good with dogs after he has time to get to know them. His foster home has two other labs (ages 7.5 and 2), and he gets along great with both of them.

Cash loves the pool at his foster home, and swimming is an excellent exercise for him. Check out his video posted here.  He is also crate trained and completely housebroken.

Cash is a dream, and it must have been hard for his previous owners to surrender him. However, we are happy he is with us now.

Cash has a chance to spend the rest of his life as a wanted and much-loved family member. Are you the fantastic family Cash deserves? If you are looking for the perfect lab that will require no training and a little discipline, he’s your boy. He will never disappoint you and will fill your life with joy.

Cash has had a complete physical, and he has some of the typical fatty tumors/cysts that are common in our beloved Labradors. Our vet felt there was nothing that needed attention at this time and decided not to put Cash through any surgeries.

Cash also had a complete blood panel done, and everything checked, however, it was recommended to put him on a low fat, sensitive stomach food for a while to calm down some of the drooling and upset tummies he has. We hope this will help him adjust to all the new things he is having to experience after living in one home for most of his life. Our vet recommended rechecking him in a month or so.

Our vet was very pleased with how good of shape Cash is in and felt that he would make a great addition to a family that loves the seniors and will give him a great home.

Cash is current on all his vaccines, microchipped and neutered. He is a boy that will unconditionally love his family, and he deserves only the best!