Meet Claire! This adorable 12-month-old  puppy. Claire came to WCLRR through the local shelter, where her previous owner left her. The owner indicated that they didn’t have the time to train her, and she is knocking down her toddlers. It’s a typical story; families get a cute little puppy and forget that the cute little puppy is going to grow and become a large puppy in no time.

Claire is an energetic, athletic young puppy, and as cute as you would expect.   Claires foster is working with her to learn proper behavior, and they have seen a lot of improvement. Her new family will want to continue this. Because of this, we feel that a home with older children would be better for Claire.  All these behaviors are common in untrained puppies.  WCLRR dedicates time and resources to helping our dogs while they are in our foster care and get them on the road to successful adulthood and a new family.

Claire is very playful with the dogs at her foster home.  She will play and play and play. Another young playful canine would be great for her. Claire is also working on her housebreaking and doing well, and she will need reinforcements in her new home as all dogs can have an accident when they are in a new home and environment. Claire is crate trained and does well staying in her crate. It will help with making sure she continues to work on her house manners.

Claire has learned some basic commands while she has been in her foster home. She does great on a leash!. Her new home should be puppy-proofed, all things removed from tables, counters, electrical cords, etc. should be safely put away. Claire maybe 12 months but is still very much a puppy. She is just bigger.

If your a runner, hiker, power walker, and love the outdoors, Claire would be a great partner for you. If you work from home and can dedicate the time to work and train, Claire would be a great fit as well. Claire loves attention and hanging with her foster mom, following her everywhere. If you’re looking for a young pup who will become a great adult with training and love, Claire is your gal!

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.