Meet Barley! He is a handsome male five-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever with a stocky build and a regal head. He has a beautifully expressive face with a cute speckled spot on his nose! Barley was surrendered to WCLRR when his owner became ill and could no longer care for him.

Barley is a medium-activity dog who loves to play! His favorite games are fetching with a tennis ball or frisbee and “find-it,” where his foster hides a small rope toy somewhere in the house for him to sniff out. When playing fetch, if he returns the ball but drops it out of his person’s reach, he’ll kick the ball towards his person so they can throw it again!

Barley gets several one-to-two miles walks each day. He may not have had a lot of exercise at his former home, as he was slow on walks and very out of breath after short walks and play when he first came to WCLRR. However, his stamina has improved significantly since getting regular walks with his foster. He also enjoys chewing Nylabones.

Barley does not seem to have been around pools before, although, after an hour of getting familiar with the pool at his foster home, he seemed to enjoy it. If his new family has a pool, they will need to ensure that he is comfortable finding the steps and getting out of the pool.

Barley likes people and is very affectionate, often going to his foster for pets and ear rubs. He will rest his head on his person’s lap or sit and give them his paw, looking for praise and affection. He has allowed his foster to brush him and clean his ears with no problem. He can be a bit wary of strangers and bark at them initially, although he does warm up to people quickly. He is friendly with people he meets at the dog park and has allowed dog owners to pet him there.

Barley hasn’t interacted much with other dogs while in his foster home, but he has done very well when he has met dogs. Barley has also been exposed to birds, rabbits, squirrels, and lizards and has not reacted to these creatures. He has not been around cats at his foster home.

Barley knows “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “out” (as in “out of the kitchen!”). His foster is working with him on recall (“come”). Barley walks reasonably well on a leash, although he might pull if he smells something exciting or sees another dog he wants to greet.

Barley is house-trained and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home. He will go into a crate, but when his people disappear while he’s in the crate, he may bark. He is fine if left in the home, outside the crate. He has not been destructive when left alone in the house.

Barley sleeps on a dog bed in a room near his foster’s bedroom. He is most comfortable when he is near his people. He waits patiently for his family to get up and greets them enthusiastically!

Barley has been known to counter surf for toys but has not gone after food. His new family should be careful to keep counters clear of harmful items he might grab.

Barley’s ideal home would be with someone who is home most of the time and will play with him, take him for daily walks, and give him the love and attention he craves. He has not been around children, but he is gentle and would likely enjoy living with older children that will play with him. He would be fine as an only dog but might enjoy having one or more dogs around for companionship. He does not show a high prey drive and may be okay with a cat if the two are properly introduced.

Barley is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.