Meet Skyler! He is an adorable ten-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever with beautifully soft, gentle eyes, a gentle mouth, and a beautiful shiny coat. Skyler was rescued by a good Samaritan that saw someone trying to sell Skyler from the back of a truck. The Samaritan snapped Skyler up to ensure he was safe and contacted WCLRR.

Skyler hops like a bunny when he’s happy! He knows how to find great hiding places and is very patient with his foster’s senior dog. Skyler follows his foster mom everywhere and does not try to run or escape because he wants to be with his people!

Skyler is a true retriever; chasing balls is his favorite thing! His foster says he would play for hours if someone were willing to play with him! Skyler also loves his toys and his crate. He likes always to have a toy in his mouth – even when trying to eat a treat! Skyler can be a little protective of his crate, that is his safe space, and he doesn’t want to share it. He is never aggressive. He wants to ensure that other dogs know that the crate is his.

Skyler has had a tough start in life and is very timid when it comes to new situations and new people. He gets on well with people and dogs once he knows them but is reserved when meeting new people.

Skyler lives with an older dog and a cat. Although the other dog is not very friendly to Skyler, he insists on giving her kisses, hoping she’ll eventually give in to his charms! Skyler is very friendly to other dogs on walks. He is cautious of the cat but doesn’t bark at or chase her.

Skyler understands “no” and “stop,” and he is not barky or a jumper. His foster is working with him on potty training, but he has had a few accidents. His foster thinks that this is partly due to him being frightened. He’s had a lot to deal with in his short life and may take time to be comfortable in a new environment.

Skyler doesn’t mind the leash, but he does need someone to work with him on leash manners. He is so excited about all the new sights, smells, and sounds that he goes from one side to the other to take it all in!

He sleeps quietly in a crate in a separate bedroom at night. He doesn’t whine or bark to get out in the morning, but as soon as he hears his foster mom, that crate is rocking with excitement!

Skyler loves socks. He will hunt them out and even try to take them off your feet! His new family should ensure he doesn’t have access to socks or other small items he could chew and swallow.

Skyler’s ideal home would be with an individual, couple, or family that will help him gain confidence and be his best self! He is a velcro boy that is super sweet and affectionate but is wary of new people and fearful of loud noises. His new family should give him a calm, quiet environment until he becomes comfortable. Skyler is great with people. He doesn’t jump up or bark and would be fine in a home with young children. He likes other dogs, and having a dog sibling to play and bond with might help build his confidence. Skyler is a very good boy and needs someone that will give him the love, patience, and training he needs.

Skyler is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped.