Meet Dixie! She is a female black Labrador Retriever mix, approximately one-to-two years old, with beautiful brown eyes and floppy ears. Dixie lived in an Airstream travel trailer with seven other dogs when a good samaritan rescued them.

Dixie and two of her siblings came to WCLRR. Our volunteer immediately took the dogs to our veterinarian for complete exams, lab work, vaccinations, and spay and neuters. All three dogs were scared and timid, but in the short time they have been in foster, they have blossomed! Dixie appears to have had a litter of puppies.

When she first meets people or animals, Dixie is a little timid. She attached quickly to her foster mom, but it took her more time to warm up to the foster’s husband and son and the three dogs. Dixie came out of her shell 24 -36 hours after she came to her foster home. However, she does sometimes jump up on people when she is excited.

Once Dixie is comfortable in her surroundings, she can be a high-energy girl ready to play! She gets along well with the other dogs and loves to play with them. She can sometimes play hard and run fast, but she responds well when corrected to be gentle with the foster’s older dog.

Dixie hasn’t shown any resource guarding issues. However, her foster feeds her separately because Dixie will check out the other dogs’ food even if she isn’t done eating. She sits with the other dogs at treat time, takes treats gently, and does not try to grab from other dogs.

Dixie has a medium prey drive. She initially ignored her foster’s cat but shortly began chasing him. She responds quickly when corrected, but Dixie will chase the cat if left alone.

Dixie is house trained. she understands “no” and is working on “sit.” However, Dixie has had no leash training, and she pulls and zig zags, making walks a challenge for Dixie and her foster. Her new family should work with Dixie to teach her that walks can be fun.

Dixie will put her paws up on counters to see what might be interesting but hasn’t taken anything. But, of course, her new family will want to keep counters and tables clear of food, medicines, and other items.

Dixie sleeps in a dog bed in her foster’s bedroom. She sleeps through the night and gets up with her people. Dixie’s ideal home would be with a younger couple or family where someone is home most of the time.

Dixie would love a home with a pool where she could hang out with older kids that could play with her and help teach her manners. She is an adorable girl that loves to be loved. Still, she has a lot of energy. She needs a family that will invest the time necessary to give her the training to be confident and well-behaved. In addition, Dixie would enjoy a home with another young dog as a companion.

Dixie is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, and microchipped.