Meet Roman! He is a big, sweet, lovable five-year-old Labrador Retriever with a beautiful glossy black coat. He came to WCLRR through a high desert shelter, where he was listed as an owner surrender. Once notified, WCLRR immediately took him in. He underwent a complicated neuter surgery, and during the surgery. During his preop evaluation, the doctor discovered Roman is suffering from hip dysplasia.

Roman is doing well on medication to control inflammation in his hips. He enjoys several short (under one mile) daily walks and romping in the backyard with his toys. Roman thoroughly enjoys his toys and acts like a silly puppy when entertaining himself with them – flipping toys in the air, batting at them, and chasing them.

WCLRR consulted with a specialist to determine the best course of action for Roman’s hips, and at this time, the rescue was advised surgery isn’t indicated. Roman shows no signs of pain or limping as long as his activity level is kept moderate. However, he will need medication to keep him comfortable for the rest of his life.

Roman is crate trained, but he prefers to sleep on his bed near his foster parents at night. He sleeps well through the night and waits for his owners to awake before he starts to stir. Roman has good house manners and seems to know basic commands and how to use a doggy door. He did, however, have a few accidents in the first few days in his foster home. Once he became comfortable in his new surroundings, he didn’t have anymore. Roman’s new family needs to understand there may be a few potty accidents as Roman gets used to his new home.

Roman is very food-driven, but he takes treats gently. Despite his fondness for food, Roman doesn’t show any signs of food aggression. His foster found training is more straightforward because he responds well to treats.  He will sniff around counters and in trash cans searching for food, so his new family needs to take care to keep counters clear of anything that could be toxic to him and have trash cans with lids.

Roman will do best with a family where someone is home most of the day. He prefers to be next to his family and rest in his crate nearby as you work or watch TV. His fosters leave the crate open, so Roman can come out to snuggle or a belly rub. He may become anxious when first left alone but settles down after a short while.

Roman loves walks and is good on a leash. He doesn’t pull or wander. However, Roman tends to get nervous when exposed to other dogs and cats and can be leash reactive.  He will circle, jump and bark. He needs further training to become comfortable around other animals, but for now, he requires to be the “one and only” pet in his new home.

Roman is a big, strong, friendly boy who would make a great companion to love, pet, and snuggle.

Roman is neutered, microchipped, and up to date with shots.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.