Meet Pongo! He is a handsome male black 5-year-old black Labrador Retriever. Pongo has a glossy black coat and a robust and regal bearing. Pongo was surrendered to WCLRR when his family realized they couldn’t give him the time and attention he needed.

Pongo is 100% house trained and will use the dog door to go outside to do his business. He knows to sit, down, and stay, and he will wait until he is told it’s okay to jump out of the car. He loves balls the most but is always ready to tear apart a stuffy to get the squeaker out. Pongo loves to run and is learning to fetch, although he’ll drop the ball if you have another one for him to chase. Pongo also has excellent eye-mouth coordination – he never misses a treat when thrown! Pongo enjoys his walks but tends to pull on the leash, so his new family may want to work on that.

Pongo is a goofball. He loves to play and steal toys from the other dogs hoping they will play with him. He is very good with all dogs, no matter the size, although he does not always understand when an older or much smaller dog does not play the same way. He is in doggy daycare, and his foster has been told that Pongo plays well with the other dogs, especially the female dogs.

Pongo loves people and does well with children. He does tend to play a bit rough, so it is recommended that any children in his new home are at least ten years old. Pongo loves to be loved! When he is getting petted, he will roll on his back for belly rubs!

Pongo currently lives with three small dogs and a cat in addition to two older labs. He does very well with all of them. When it’s dinner time, he does not bother them when they eat and does not get upset if one is watching him eat. He goes to bed when his family does and sleeps through the night, getting up when his people do in the morning. He is used to sharing the bed with his family but is very respectful of their sleeping space. During the day, he likes to sleep on a large dog bed when he’s not playing. Pongo is not fond of crates or being in confined spaces.

When Pongo is hungry and hasn’t had his meal, he will sometimes counter surf to see if there’s something available that he might like. His new family will want to ensure that counters are cleared of medicines or other items that could cause him harm. Other than tearing up stuffed toys to get the squeakers out, he does not chew on anything. He has exhibited signs of separation anxiety. His new family may want to work with him on that, although he’ll happily ride in the car for errands or go to doggie daycare as an alternative to being left home.

Since Pongo’s energy level is on the high side, his ideal home would be with a young person or family that is very active and has the time to play with him and maybe take him hiking. He loves water and might enjoy being introduced to the beach or a lake. Because Pongo has a lot of energy, his family will want to make sure that he has plenty of play and exercise, as he will find ways to amuse himself if he doesn’t have a chance to get his wiggles out. He enjoys riding in the car but should be secured with a seat belt leash or other restraint to keep him from trying to get into the front seat.

Pongo is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.