Meet Arlo! He is a handsome one-year-old male chocolate Labrador Retriever. Arlo was surrendered to WCLRR after he had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, his family could not afford the expensive surgeries that Arlo needed.  Since becoming a WCLRR pup, Arlo has been with one amazing foster family for his complete recovery. He has endured two separate surgeries to repair his elbow.

Arlo’s prognosis looks excellent; he may always have a slight limp and occasionally needs some extra rest and possibly some anti-inflammatory medication.  However, our veterinarian feels he will live a normal life and have no significant restrictions.  He is a happy and healthy dog but will need to watch his diet to maintain a lean frame. Extra weight is never good for a dog’s joints.

Arlo would benefit from some rehabilitation to help strengthen his leg. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise. Arlo is a big boy who can be misleading because he is still very much a puppy.

Arlo is crate trained and housebroken. He sleeps through the night in his open crate. Arlo is astute and learns quickly. He knows many commands like sit, talk, drop, down, shake, stay, leave, and place. Arlo is powerful, so a pinch collar works well until Arlo has had some more leash training. He plays catch but loves tug-o-war.

Arlo is still a puppy, and his new family should have appropriate chew toys available for him. He also needs to be watched because he loves to chew any paper he can find, including the napkin on your lap! You have to keep socks picked up because they will be in his mouth if you are not watching him. He also likes to pull the stuffing out of soft squeaky toys. He has figured out how to open the trash lid, so all trash cans must be locked, under, or in a cabinet. He is not a big counter surfer, but to be safe, always keep your counters free of anything dangerous. Arlo is great in the car settles in very nicely.

Arlo loves to eat and eats fast; therefore, he uses a slow feed bowl. He is very food motivated. You can hold up a specific treat, and Arlo will go in his crate without a word. He is very curious about other dogs. He doesn’t lunge or bark at people or other dogs when out on a walk. Over time he has become very good with his foster mom’s cat.

Arlo loves to be part of the family. He likes to take breaks during his walk and observe people. However, Arlo wouldn’t be fit for a family looking for a dog to run with or not home much. He thrives with people and doesn’t like to be separated from his humans.

Arlo doesn’t jump on people or the furniture or beds. He is used to boundaries and using a dog door to go outside when he needs to. Arlo prefers to be in the house with his family. He has a booming bark and can startle people that walk up to the front door. His barking is not excessive, though, and he can be quieted down quickly.

Arlo shows affection for you by putting his head in your lap for some ear scratches or leans against you. He greets you when you get home with a bit of wiggly dance. Arlo has the softest and most enormous ears you have ever seen. He also snores, drools, and has the sweetest disposition.

Arlo is neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.