Meet Seven! He is a handsome two ½-year-old male yellow Labrador Retriever. His family surrendered Seven to WCLRR because they lost their home and had to move into an apartment that was not suitable for him.

Seven is a fun, active, and energic young boy who would love to have a family that will play fetch and takes him for walks. Seven is a strong boy and would do well getting basic obedience training. He enjoys taking walks and will become a great walking companion with some practice and more training. Seven is smart and will learn commands quickly and has already mastered sit and come.

Seven is completely housebroken and crate trained. Seven behaves like a puppy in a grown dog’s body. Seven’s family should understand he can be a little mouthy and jump on you. Because of this behavior, we cannot adopt Seven to families with children the age of 10.

Seven loves dogs and is currently fostered with a young female Labrador; we believe Seven would enjoy having another dog in his new home and someone who is dedicated to continuing his training. He loves the kiddy pool at this fosters home and loves when his foster sprays him with the hose. We believe he would love a home where there was a pool or trips to the dog beach. He also enjoys running in his foster’s big grassy backyard and exploring.

Seven is an affectionate boy who loves to give kisses and loves to be petted. Seven is not destructive. However, Seven is interested in items on counters. His new family needs to be diligent and not leave items such as food on the counters that he could get. His family should have appropriate chew toys, such as Nylabone’s. Please, NO STUFFED TOYS!

We have not cat-tested Seven; therefore, we cannot place him in a home with a cat. Seven loves to be with people. He is an actual Velcro dog; wherever his family is, it is his happy place. Seven is also a good watchdog and will alert his family with a bark.

Seven have been neutered. Seven is up to date on his vaccines and is microchipped.

ATTENTION! FOSTERS NEEDED! WCLRR is in dire need of foster families. If we cannot get more volunteers to foster for WCLRR, we will have no choice but to stop taking in dogs! Please contact Go to our Volunteer page to fill out an application.