Meet Starla! She is a gorgeous six-month-old chocolate female Labrador Retriever. Starla has lots of puppy energy, as you would expect from a young dog; however, she also settles once she has some fun and exercise.

Starla is happiest when she is outside, and she loves to do “zoomies” around the yard. Starla loves sunbathing and enjoys lying in the cool grass. She is an actual water dog and loves to swim. It would be wonderful if Starla’s new home had a pool for her to play in. She even loves the bathtub and hose.

Starla is intelligent and is learning her commands quickly. She loves to take long walks and hikes but still needs some leash training. Her new family needs to commit to puppy training so she becomes a happy and obedient adult.

Starla is working on her potty training. Her new family needs to continue working with her and establishing a routine; potty accidents will happen, but she will be a pro in no time with a schedule and consistency. Starla sleeps beautifully through the night but is not happy in an enclosed crate. She’d much rather sleep on a comfy dog bed next to yours.

Starla is good with kids over the age of 8, other dogs, and even hanging out with the cat in her foster home. She has a great sense of people and has a strong bark if something doesn’t seem right.

Starla is non-destructive but does counter surf and will grab shoes and socks. Her family must make sure things are out of her reach. All counters, tables, shoes, socks, and other items are not accessible to her anytime. A quick and firm no, and she stops and listens. Her new home should have an abundant supply of appropriate chewy toys for her. Starla is affectionate and a true gem; she will make a great addition to a loving home.

Starla is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, and microchipped.

ATTENTION! FOSTERS NEEDED! WCLRR is in dire need of foster families. If we cannot get more volunteers to foster for WCLRR, we will have no choice but to stop taking in dogs! Please contact Go to our Volunteer page to fill out an application.