Meet Diesel! He is a seven-year-old yellow male Labrador Retriever. Diesel was surrendered to WCLRR when his family reached out to help find him a new home because they were moving out of state, and the new accommodations didn’t allow dogs.

Diesel loves his daily walks. He goes into an elaborate dance with his front feet when he sees the leash come out of the drawer. He is a strong dog and will pull on the leash if he sees another dog while walking. His foster parent has been working with him, and more leash training would be helpful.

Diesel is currently living with three small dogs and a cat. He does great with all and will take naps with the smaller dogs. He was interested in the cat when he was first introduced, and they get along great but, for the most part, ignore each other.

Diesel is a people dog and loves everyone he meets. He has been around all ages and is very gentle around older people as well as children. His favorite person is the teenage son in his foster home, and he will follow him wherever he goes. He even sleeps on his dog bed in his bedroom at night.

Diesel is fully housetrained and can be trusted alone in his foster home. Diesel learned the dog door on the first day.

Diesel is a bit of a picky eater because he probably ate quite a bit of human food in the past. He also is a little overweight, perhaps due to eating human food. His foster parent has been working with him to help break this habit.

Diesel is a fantastic dog, and he will be an excellent companion for a person or a family. He listens well, does not demand constant attention, and loves to please his people. We believe Diesel would enjoy an active life and chill on his bed or at your feet in the evening while you relax.

Diesel is neutered up to date on his shots and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.