Meet Memphis! He is a stunning five-year-old male yellow Labrador Retriever retired breeding dog whose family surrendered him to WCLRR. Memphis is house trained and well-behaved in the house. He is calm and gentle and just an all-around easy-going guy who lives to please. He settled into his foster home with two lab brothers very quickly and comfortably with very little stress or anxiety, just wanting to be part of the family.

Memphis walks well on a leash. He is well trained in basic obedience (come, sit, stay, down, leave it). Memphis is crate trained and puts himself in his crate at night (his fosters even leave the door open, and he stays all night). He has also slept on the floor beside the bed. His preference is to sleep in the same room with his family.

During the day, he prefers to be wherever you are, lying on the floor nearby or following you around the yard. He is quiet, patient, and devoted to his people. He takes/makes corrections well. Once he knows the house rules, he is very compliant.

Memphis will be the ultimate companion in his new “furever” home. While he loves being close to you, he is also a confident and secure dog when it comes to being home alone. He is a polite and gentle eater. Memphis doesn’t jump up on people but loves to greet you with a wagging tail and a happy, smiling face and eagerly waits for you to greet him with pets and hugs.

Memphis is also very well behaved and mannered with other dogs (big or small), whether it’s a game of tug, a chase around the yard, or sunning side by side on the patio. He loves to run after the ball, and although he didn’t know how to return it at first, he is learning from his foster brothers and has made significant progress, and seems to enjoy the game.

He is a good boy on a leash and is also great off-leash. His recall is flawless! Call him once, and he is right there at your side instantly! His house manners are exceptional, no counter surfing, no accidents or marking, no trashcan raids, or barking. Memphis is a gentle, calm, and easy-going guy who wants you to love him as much as he loves you.

Memphis was recently neutered, up to date on his vaccines, and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.