Meet Lucy! She is a five-year-old black female  Labrador Retriever. She will be a great companion for someone who loves to stay active. Lucy is learning how to bring back her ball but is a world champion at the one-sided fetch. She will even follow you around the house with her ball, hoping you will stop and throw the ball. Lucy is also a goofball when playing with Ella or her foster family.

Lucy is a good “doorbell” because she will always let you know when someone is at the front door. However, it appears she doesn’t bark without reason. Lucy gets along great with the three resident small dogs, but not the foster family’s cat.

Lucy’s favorite time of the day is when she can go on a walk and sniff every attractive tree or bush along the way. However, she does love a good run or jog. We believe she would be a good hiking buddy, too, if you let her sniff her way through the hike. She is completely house-trained and is learning how to use a dog door.

Lucy is a good girl if you need to run errands and will chill out in her favorite bed until you get back. She will lay on the floor and watch TV right along with you. You will find that Lucy is a great listener and catches onto new things quickly. Like her best buddy (Ella), she is very polite, waiting for treats or her time to eat.

Lucy is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccinations.


Meet Ella! She is a five-year-old female yellow Labrador Retriever, an outgoing, affectionate girl who will steal your heart with her warm eyes and ready smile.

Ella’s best friend in the world is Lucy, but we think it’s because Lucy is her “straight man” to Ella’s never-ending antics. The best one is waiting around the corner to pounce on Lucy when she comes by with her ball. Ella will grab the ball but only to tease Lucy. She will drop the ball as soon as Lucy goes onto another toy.

Ella loves to be around people. She is funny doing a little dance with her front feet when she gets excited because she is just itching to jump up and give you a sloppy kiss.

Ella is an intelligent girl and makes solid eye contact, which we think is an excellent training tool. Like her sister Lucy, her favorite time of the day is her evening walk. She is still learning good leash manners but is doing better every day. She loves to break out into full zoomies and run after she’s done sniffing everything in sight.

Ella knows how to sit on command and does a decent job staying in place, especially if there is a treat waiting as a reward. Ella is also a first-class car rider. She gets excited when the car door opens and will jump right in to go wherever her family wants. She even loves trips to the dreaded veterinarian, who tells us she is the perfect lab she has ever met.

Ella is also chill enough to relax at home and be a very good girl when you step out. Ella is fully house-trained, and she is learning how to use the dog door. She rarely barks unless there is a bird in the backyard or the neighbor dogs decide to bark.

Ella has two favorite nap places in her home. One is with her sister, Lucy, on a large dog bed, or she will jump onto the couch in the front room. Ella is a total delight, and we know she will be your best friend.

Ella was recently spayed, microchipped, and updated her vaccines.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.