Meet Maria! She is a beautiful four-year-old female yellow Labrador Retriever. Maria is adorable and has a personality to match.

Maria loves attention and is the definition of a “VELCRO DOG.” You will always know where she is, usually right next to her person. She is a gentle girl and will take treats gently, even when her foster mom gives her a tiny little piece of banana, her favorite treat!

Maria is currently taking medicine prescribed by our veterinarian for seizures.  These seizures are something that we can not predict the frequency of at this time. Unfortunately, her previous owner did not provide us with any information on her past medical, and we had to start from scratch with this condition. While she has been in the rescue, our veterinarian treated her and worked on her dosages. With medication, her condition should be under control. However, we can not predict the future of this. Her new family needs to consult with their regular veterinarian for a plan. Maria’s foster representative will discuss this with her potential family. Please understand, this is a lifetime commitment!

Maria was almost 20 pounds overweight when she was first brought into the rescue. With a good diet and smaller meals, Maria lost her excess weight and is about perfect. Maria loves to cuddle and gives the very best labby kisses. She craves attention, and as she’s so adorable, it’s hard to resist her.

Maria sleeps thru the night on either a doggy bed or at the foot of the bed. Maria is currently fostered with labs and little dogs and loves playing with all of them. She loves toys & tug-a-war games. Maria is not food aggressive and waits patiently while her foster mom is preparing bowls. She has never attempted to steal from others bowls, will walk away. Maria gets along great with other dogs, big & small, resident dogs & visitors. She is OK with the cat.

Maria is housetrained and has used the doggy door from day one at her foster family’s home with no accidents. Maria does bark, so her foster mom has been working on this. She can bark when someone comes to the door and sometimes at other things. Her new family needs to work on this behavior with her.

Maria pulls on the leash, especially if she sees something that excites her. She is learning to “sit’ and “wait.”  Maria is also a counter surfer; her new family needs to be diligent to ensure all items are off the counters and out of her reach.   Also, all trash should be under the counter where she cannot reach or gain access. Things like shoes, socks, remotes, eyeglasses, etc. should all be stored away from her reach.

Maria needs a very committed family who will not leave her alone for long periods. Maria was not treated well in her previous home as they were gone for long hours. A family with someone or multiple people home would be best for her. She needs security, knowing she is not being left behind. We will not place Maria in a home with young children. She’s a bit pushy and mouthy.  We also believe a home with another active dog will suit her as she loves playing with other dogs. Her new family must continue training for her to help overcome some of these behaviors.

Maria is wholly vetted and up to date on her shots. Maria’s foster representative will discuss her spay history with her potential family.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.