Meet Wesley! He is a three-year-old medium energy Golden Retriever who’s fun nature will steal your heart. He loves everyone, from children to other dogs. He is good with cats and is learning cats roll in a way different from dogs. Wesley is currently sharing his foster home with small dogs and a cat. You never see him without his best buddy, Vince. They do everything together, from eating to playing and sleeping side by side on their favorite blankets at night.

Wesley enjoys carrying a ball or a stuffy toy in his mouth. If he gets tired of the current toy, he will go over to the toy basket and rummage around until he finds the perfect toy. He also loves to chew on a Nylabone when it’s time to chill out in the evening.

Wesley’s favorite time of the day is either eating or going for a walk. He is terrific on a leash and has not shown to be reactive to other animals he’s run across on his walks.

Wesley eats very well side by side with Vince and does not show any tendency toward food guarding. His new family will need to make sure that leftovers are put away right away, or they may find that Wesley has helped himself to them, his foster family is working on it, and he does take correction well.

Wesley is fully house trained and will use the dog door when he needs to go outside. Although Wesley gets along with other dogs, he prefers to spend his time with Vince and will look for him if he is in another room or gets too far ahead of him when we walk. We want to adopt Wesley and Vince to a family and keep them together.

Wesley is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his shots.

Meet Vince! He is an eight-year-old low, medium energy Golden Retriever who has the sweetest nature and loves to cuddle with hugs. He has a best friend named Wesley, and you never see one without the other.

Vince gets along very well with small dogs and cats. He sees the cat walking by but never gives him any more than a fleeting glance unless Wesley thinks it’s a good idea to check out the cat.

Vince and Wesley do everything together, from playing with toys to chasing balls in the backyard. Vince is the champ when it comes to fetching and much better than Wesley in returning the ball. Vince believes he must practice fetching all day and all night long. He will usually settle down, though, if you “hide” the ball.

Vince eats very well next to Wesley and shows no sign of food or toy guarding. He will sleep through the night with no accidents, but we are still working on house training during the day. Vince has not yet mastered the dog door and has yet to give us the signs if he needs to go outside. He is a smart boy, so we believe he will get it if you are consistent with him for a while.

Vince is excellent on the leash and loves to go on walks with Wesley in the evening. He likes to meander a bit more than Wesley, so you will see Wesley turning around to make sure he’s keeping up from time to time. Vince seems to handle the walks and Wesley, who is younger than him, so they both could be great hiking buddies.

Vince is up to date on his vaccines, neutered, and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.