Meet Oakley!  He is a sweet, affectionate, easygoing puppy seven months old. Oakley would be a great addition to any family. While he may initially appear shy when introduced to new people or dogs, he’s quite friendly and playful.

While 7-month-old puppies are often full of crazy energy, Oakley has his moments of spunkiness, but later, he’s quite happy to nap or lounge for hours. Literally hours. Of course, he is a puppy and left alone or unmonitored; he will explore and might get into things he shouldn’t. His new family will need to “puppy proof” their home—nothing left on coffee tables, counters, nightstands, and just as important, the ground. Oakley being a puppy, he’s still a little on the mouthy side, taking your hand in his mouth or nibbling on you. He’s got that nice soft mouth, though, so no overly hard bites.

Oakley is affectionate and loves to lay in your lap or snuggle against you, rolling on his back for belly rubs. However, he is not a needy dog and is content to lay on his dog bed or under a table or chair. Oakley loves people and is happy to get human attention. He might make a great therapy dog one day! Oakley is a great car rider and usually lays down to sleep during the ride. He’s good at jumping out of the car now, but he still needs to be lifted into the vehicle.

Oakley is a dream on a walk! He never pulls and often slows down or stops to look at you and make sure all is well. He is non-reactive to other dogs and people and is a little scared of aggressive dogs barking behind fences. Oakley is good with all other dogs, initially a little shy and submissive at first. Once he’s comfortable, he’s a fierce player! Oakley would love to be in a home with another playful dog that can handle the roughhousing Labradors like to do. He would be great in a family without another dog, too.

Oakley is very responsive. He comes easily or at least looks at you when called. Oakley knows to sit, down, shake, come, and is working on wait and stay. He takes a treat very nicely. Oakley never tries to run off; he wants to hang with his family. He has never counter surfed or tried to take food although he gets excited for his food bowl in the morning and tries to paw it if you aren’t careful. Tell him to sit and wait before food, and he will.

He is content with playtime and walks, but would not be a good jogging partner or for someone looking for a very athletic dog. He’s completely housebroken and is pretty regular with his potty schedule. He only goes potty on the grass. Oakley sleeps all night in his doggy bed. Oakley also loves the water! He would enjoy a home with a pool. This young pup is as cute as perfect as they come.

Oakley is neutered, up to date on his shots, and microchipped.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.