Huntress is 7 years young and looking for her forever home. She was relinquished to SCGRR when her family moved out of the country and couldn’t take her with them. She had only known one family her whole life. She arrived very scaredly and confused, taking the time to trust those around her. She is sweet and spunky and just a little bit chunky. Given her red-headed genes, she would do best with an experienced and patient handler in a quiet home with no kids or cats or other dogs. Her ideal would be a single guy who she can dote on. Sorry gals, she wants a man all to herself!

Yes – she looks like a lab – we think maybe a Red Fox Lab. But her personality is more similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback: strong-willed, independent, and sometimes domineering.  Also…. faithful friend, protective of her loved ones and won’t leave your side if you are your chosen person. She will show her affection by greeting you with wags, grunts, and snorts of all sorts!

Huntress needs someone who will be patient, gentle, firm, and provide her with structure. If she trusts you, the return is unfailing love and a constant shadow. If not, watch out! Her face is full of expression and you can tell when she is comfortable or when she is somewhat nervous – which is awesome! She is generally an inquisitive dog and will check out new situations and people, but if she is not interested, she lets you know by walking away from the situation. In those cases, it is best to let her be. She will need someone that protects her from humans that don’t understand her aloofness in those moments and says “no” to “can I pet your dog?”

Huntress is a semi-active dog. She can be a couch potato, but she is also always ready for a walk. Anytime you walk by the door she waits in anticipation. Her foster parents take her walking and hiking and she is always a trooper. When you want to go for a walk or adventure outside, she is always ready with tail wagging and making funny noises with excitement. She has lots of spunk and energy when you want to have fun. She enjoys fetching, tug, going shopping and taking walks in the park with her foster parents. She is exceptional at catching the frisbee. She loves car rides and gets excited to take any trips – leaning against the door with head tilted up for the best smells from the open window. At the same time when you want quiet time at home or a sleeping buddy, Huntress is happy to do that as well. She is a great napper on her favorite bed with head hanging off the edge sometimes even snoring.

Huntress knows all the basic commands like sit, stay, lie down, shake, come, go, and no. And she is a fast learner for anything new you might want to teach her. The down command makes her feel very vulnerable when given by someone she doesn’t trust. So it’s best to take this command slowly. She is a well-behaved girl so she will likely know when it’s appropriate to lay down without you prompting her. She is housebroken and will wait patiently by the door or finally come over and paw your leg to let you know she needs to go out. She whines a bit when you leave to let you know she will miss you but sleeps patiently while you are gone. As her trusted person, you will be greeted with a bark, snorts, grunts, then wiggle butts and happy faces when you come find her.

She is wary of meeting new people and that needs to be respected. Huntress will coexist with dogs of any size or sex, but she doesn’t have any interest in playing with them. On walks, she doesn’t pay much attention to other animals and when she does encounter another dog, she will sniff them and then decide she’s not interested in interacting with them. She would prefer to be an only dog or might be ok with a well-adjusted, low key, a confident companion who doesn’t require attention from her. Cats, on the other hand, are not her cup of tea. She has a strong prey drive so ANY small critters wouldn’t be good company for her.

If you are a dude that wants the perfect companion, loves to walk/hike every day, has a stable and quiet home without a ton of visitors, Huntress would LOVE to meet you.

COVID-19 Update: WCLRR is continuing to accept applications for adoptions, scheduling virtual home interviews, and accepting owner surrenders. Please contact if you have any questions.