Meet Cleo! She is an eight-month-old Flat Coat Retriever Mix. Cleo is a sweet, gentle, and obedient puppy.

Cleo loves playing with toys and playing fetch. She knows not to chew on things that aren’t toys. While still a puppy, Cleo is content spending much of her day being lazy and lounging near you. She loves being with the family and getting human attention.

Cleo knows basic commands such as how to sit, lay down and come. If she barks, she stops when correcting her. Cleo is a great car rider who likes to peer out the window. She does not jump up onto furniture; however, she enjoys laying on your bed with you if you invite her.

Cleo is fantastic when it comes to mealtimes. She quietly lays while you eat— no begging. Cleo is not a counter surfer or tried to eat things that aren’t food. When it is her turn, she will eat all her food right away, but not before you give her the okay.

Cleo is a great companion to have on neighborhood strolls. She does not pull on the leash. She does like to stop and sniff things on the ground but will keep pace with you.

Cleo is housebroken and lets you know if she wants to go out. She will walk to the door to let you know.

Cleo is in a foster home with a cat. They have seen each other a few times. Most of the time, Cleo is uninterested, and the two coexist peacefully. Sometimes Cleo is curious about the cat, but she is never aggressive. She could potentially be in a home with a cat that is dog savvy.

Cleo is excellent with other dogs. Once she is comfortable, she loves to play and will let the other dog be the alpha. Cleo likes to fetch, roughhouse, and play tug of war. She would make a great playmate for another playful dog.

Cleo has an extraordinary personality. She is gentle and looks to please. Not to mention, she is a beautiful puppy.

Cleo is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her shots.

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